New Features In ClipMate 6.5

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  • $19.95 Upgrade from version 4 or 5.
  • Multi-user and Site licenses available.
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Screenshot of new "sounds" dialog.  Click for full-size image.

This screenshot shows the new "sounds" dialog shows the new "browse" button which can assign any .WAV file to a clip event.  Its simpler design is also much easier to understand.

New Features 

  • Find & Replace - ClipMate's editor now features Find & Replace, which can be used to interactively search for, and (optionally) replace text.
  • Find & Replace is also a new option in the Text Cleanup facility, and can even handle Regular Expressions (RegEx).
  • Outbound Clip Filtering - Have you ever wanted to paste data as "text only", without the HTML or RTF formatting? Now it's easy - just set the new "filter" button, and ClipMate will provide only the basic data formats (Text or Bitmap) to the clipboard. Unlike the "strip non-text formats", the original data remains intact.
  • Updated Menus - they're not just pretty, they're more useful, showing the state of options like "exploding powerpaste" more clearly.
  • New localization kit - will make localizing to YOUR native language easy.
  • Sound Events are now customizable, and the sound event dialog is improved.
  • Invert Case - Did you leave the cAPS lOCK turned on? Now you can "flip" the case, giving you "Caps Lock" instead.
  •  "URL Crunch" option for the Line-Break removal tool. Hold down SHIFT as you remove linebreaks, and text is joined with no extra spaces - perfect for un-wrapping long URLs.

Other Enhancements

  • Improved registration key input dialog box.
  • Several major libraries were upgraded, keeping ClipMate development on the latest compiler and database engine versions.

Here we see the new Find & Replace option in the Text Cleanup. We're changing "This" to "That", but only if it is at the beginning of a line (That's due to the "^" symbol).

Fixes In This Release:

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For information about upgrading from v5 to v6, see: this page.