New Features In ClipMate 6.1

  • Free download for registered 6.0 users.
  • $29.95 Full Price
  • $19.95 Upgrade from version 4 or 5.
  • Multi-user and Site licenses available.
  • Free 30-day, full-featured evaluation.
  • CD Edition also available

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This screenshot shows the new Keyword Highlighting, Thesaurus support, and Word/Character count (on the titlebar).

Click for a larger image.

New Features 

  • Keyword Highlighting enhances the searching by highlighting the search terms in the editor as you review the resulting clips returned from the search.  Or, you can turn on Keyword Highlighting locally within the editor, and use independently of the search facility.
  • Roget's Thesaurus is now integrated into ClipMate (if installed). Right-click on any word in the editor window, and you can look up alternate words. The file is a separate download, available on our dictionary download page.

Searching Improvements

  • % Wildcard - this adds more flexibility the the searching, as you can use the % wildcard before, after, or within a search string. The old * wildcard was limited to the end of keywords. Users familiar with SQL databases will recognize this as the %like% operator.
  • Collection Search - you can now restrict the searching to any collection.

Performance Improvements

  • Faster Load Time - ClipMate6.1  should now load several seconds faster than ClipMate 6.0.
  • QuickPick has been enhanced for better performance when filtering large collections. No filtering will actually take place until you've entered two consecutive search characters, therefore avoiding the glut of results when you first invoke the function.

Other Enhancements

  • Small Toolbar Icons - Just like the small toolbar icons in Classic, you can now have small icons in Explorer and the Editor as well.
  • Visually Impaired users will appreciate the ability to turn off the fancy HTML Tooltips, HTML Buttons, and menus with icons. Those features interfered with some screen reading programs.
  • Word Count - A count of the Words, Characters, and Bytes in a Text clip is now displayed in the status bar of ClipMate Explorer. If you are using a floating editor, then the count appears in the titlebar. Trying to fill in a webform with a character or word limit? Now you can see the count as you type.
  • Graphics in HTML - ClipMate can more reliably display images from your Internet Explorer cache, when displaying HTML clips.
  • Sort Indicators on column headings - now they are oriented like they are in most other applications.

For information about upgrading from v5 to v6, see: this page.