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More Power, More Convenience, Easier Than Ever! NOW PORTABLE!


Thanks for responding to our special e-mail promotion for ClipMate 5 users.  We hope that you like the new features in ClipMate 7, and decide to take advantage of the special upgrade price of $24.95.  If you're not sure, we invite you to download the free trial, and evaluate ClipMate 7 for 30 days. We also have a deal on our new "household pack" too. Use the coupon: V6UP2H_2000 to bring the cost of a 5-computer, single-household license down to only $69.95.

ClipMate 7 Highlights

Two major upgrades and four minor upgrades separate ClipMate 5 and 7.  There are quite a few changes!  But the big ones are these:

Relational Database - Efficiently holds thousands of clips, allowing for easy backup, searching, and streamlined data management. It even has a trashcan! 

Multi-User Network capability.

Automatically detects and reconnects broken clipboard connection.

Area Screen CaptureArea Screen Capture - this gives you a "rubberband" mouse selection, so you can specify an area of the screen to grab.

Universal QuickPaste - Available from within Explorer or Classic. Just double-click on a clip, and it pastes wherever you were working. The new "Auto-Targeting" feature watches to see which application you are working in, so that it knows where to paste data when you double-click on a clip.

Virtual Collections - Shows you all clips captured Today, last 7 days, and last 31 days.

ClipBarThe exclusive ClipBar integrates right into the windows taskbar, showing the current clip, and up to two rows of toolbar buttons. It's completely customizable so that you can have your most frequently used ClipMate commands right on the taskbar.

Drag 'n Drop - You can now drag text, rich text and graphic clips right into any OLE-compliant application like Word, Internet Explorer, FireFox, TextPad, etc..

XML Export/Import - allows you to merge or synchronize databases, and share clips with other computers or even other users. 

Shortcuts - allow you to quickly access frequently-used data.

Outbound Clip Filtering - Have you ever wanted to paste data as "text only", without the HTML or RTF formatting? Now it's easy - just set the new "filter" button, and ClipMate will provide only the basic data formats (Text or Bitmap) to the clipboard. Unlike the "strip non-text formats", the original data remains intact.

Portable (Brand new in 7.2) - You can run ClipMate from a USB Drive. Take your program and data with you, to any Windows computer. And a single-user license covers you on both your primary machine AND the USB stick!  Read here for more.


  • Buy now using our secure server.You can purchase ClipMate 7.2 right now for $24.95 (regular price is $34.95).  You must use this button for ordering, or call us at (585) 352-4223 or toll free (US Only) 877-CLIPMATE.
  • Multi-user and Site licenses available.
  • Free 30-day, full-featured evaluation.
  • CD Edition also available
  • Full Pricing, including Site Licenses
  • Or GET IT FREE With TrialPay

Household Pack

Buy now using our secure server.Household Pack - $20 discount!  Use Coupon Code V6UP2H_2000
Registered users of one ClipMate 5 license can move up to a "whole house" 5-computer license for $59.95 (regularly $79.95).  Do you want to run ClipMate on your desktop, laptop, wife's PC, kids PC, and still need one more for your dog?  Residential users with lots of PCs can "trade up" to the household pack.  Just select the "ClipMate v7 Household Pack" when you order from the link below, and take $20 off the price with Coupon Code V6UP2H_2000.  If you already have multiple licenses for ClipMate 5, we can give you a customized quote for upgrading all of them and consolidating into a household pack.
 (Household Pack - remember to use Coupon Code V6UP2H_2000, which you enter at the bottom of the Billing Address section.)


ClipMate 7 runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.  And now it runs on portable USB devices, including (but not requiring) "U3 Smart" drives.  It'll run on a PortableApps drive, or a "bare" drive too.

Special Tools

There is a data conversion tool to migrate your ClipMate 5 data to ClipMate 7.  Information is here.

Additional Product Information Links:

Buy now using our secure server. Get the upgrade now for $24.95.


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