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I recently had to change from one FTP client program to another. With about 50 entries in the old program I did not look forward to it. ClipMate 6.3 was my "typist in a box" and saved me a ton of time and effort!
- Jim Sewell

I make photo sculptures from my customer's photos. One customer who was in a big hurry sent his photo in a format I could display, but not edit. I simply captured the displayed image with ClipMate and saved it as a bitmap and the crisis was no more! ClipMate paid for itself with that one click!
- Al Stewart

Talk about customer service. LOL! If you need a "testimonial" from a CM newbie, I'll be happy anytime. Can't recommend the product and your service highly enough. And I'm just getting started with it!
- Gary Speer

I just wanted to say "Thanks" for such a great product! I have been a registered user for some time now, and really appreciate ClipMate in my dealings on eBay, where so many transactions involve repeated use of the same paragraphs, over and over, in emails.
- Barry Hein

I don't know if you get many reports on the networking capabilities of ClipMate. I consistently use it that way. The latest version is very slick, indeed. :-)
- Sam Bellotto Jr.

GREAT WORK! Best money I've spent on software since my original purchase of version 5.
- Gordon Barton

I am still using ClipMate - it has been about 4 years now I have used it and I know I will use it as long as I have a computer. I am a download junkie downloading thousands of programs, utilities and other software. I have to be honest here I usually try the software and discard it or archive it somewhere. I purchased ClipMate and have never looked back its the first program I install when I format my hard drive and re-install windows. No other utility even comes close. I tried all the other clipboard managers, none can compare to what ClipMate does. Keep up the good work Chris I know you are on a winning program I just wish more people would use it and see how useful it really is
- Ron Mudie

For me no other shareware application has ever become the "pry it from my cold, dead, hands, can't live without it at home or at work" tool that yours has. Keep it up.
- Dale J Bjorklund

Thank you again for taking the time and making the effort you did to help me fix this. You have a marvelous program in ClipMate. I could not get through a day without it.
- Lu Peterson

As a web developer I find your program indespensible. It has become an essential tool that I use almost every day.
- Stuart Cargin

As a systems developer working in the area of building SAP-BW Data-Warehousing applications, I use Clipmate to hold a collection of InfoObject names which are then pasted (using PowerPaste) into a data-transfer structure. As the data-model that I am using requires this to be done a number of times, it saves a great deal of my valuable time!!
- Peter Thornber (Leicester, UK)

After losing hours of work on a manuscript because I accidently clicked "no" to the "save changes" prompt (in another program), I was able to recreate most of my changes by viewing the clips containing everything I'd deleted or moved.
- Anthony Prete

I have been using this product for nigh on 10 years. Best buy I ever made. Great timely support.
- Max Campbel;l;

There isn't a single program/utility that I use more than Clipmate - it was the first non-system app I installed on the new computer!
- Jon Szanto

I've been wanting to switch to a Linux-only environment, but one of the things that holds me back is that I can't live without Clipmate.
- Karen Coyle

When I do online transactions, it often says to "Print this page" to save the info. I just copy it to Clipmate, knowing it will be there if I need it. Saves paper and time.
- Marty Fried

When I've asked technical questions via email, they always get answered quickly, and completely, not with some canned response, but straight from the Chris's mouth.
- Marty Fried

For years ClipMate has proven itself an indispensable research and writing tool. It manipulates text in both English and Japanese (RichText). Its "clean-up" functions are amazing. Somehow you folks manage to stay at least a length or two ahead of the software industry big boys year after year after year.
- Robert Angel

I have run a weekly live "Darth's Trivia" game on the 'net for over 6 years and have found ClipMate to be an invaluable tool. In the "old days" I had to either "drag 'n drop" or "cut 'n paste" from MSWord to the message line of the Chat client to show the Questions/Answers. With Clipmate I just load the 50-60 questions before the game (about 5 minutes of work) and then paste them in the message line as needed. And since one always follows in correct order, there are no mistakes such as posting the Answers first. I seriously doubt if I would run this game without Clipmate. Darth
- Bill Richmond

Genealogy research is simplified with researching multi-sites for data and 'How To' pages. Sources as URL's make it easy to revisit! a valuable tool for the avid genealogist!
- Norm Talbot

I am taking courses in design. I have a lot of hints and tips that come in a Digest form. If I printed articles out right from the Digest they look sloppy,and are hard to follow. I make up a folder in Clipmate with the Topic Name. I edit the information in Clipmate by numbering as I add topics along with the date I received info. When there are enough articles to print I make sure I go into "Config"- "User Preference" - "Printing Options" and then type in the "Heading" that I want. I print all of this information out from Clipmate. My notes and articles are easy to follow, it takes a second to clean up the articles when I have copied them from the Digest. I print up a master index for the articles with the binder number I can find them in. I find that one is only limited by their own imagination when using Clipmate. It is an awseome program which I have used for years now and wouldn't be without it. It keeps me organized. I keep track of the fabric I have. I even use it for a personal diary. Thanks for a great product.
- Dorothy Atkinson

I have been using ClipMate since about 1995 and I would not be without it. The time it has saved me cannot be measured.
- Michael Webb

I have used Clipmate for a number of years. It's invaluable for preparing newsletters & club magazines. When getting e-mails containing publishing material, I first copy the contents to Clipmate and clean up spacing, quote marks, blank lines etc from the content. When copying it to MS Publisher, it's all ready to fit in its space. Job done.
- Henk Visscher

Clipmate saves me time every day. Whenever I think I might want to refer back to something, I just put it on the clipboard and I know it will be there! I've also created a folder with a few paragraphs I use frequently in emails; I just go to the folder and paste them in - no retyping needed. One of the newer additions, screen capture, has been fantastic along with the ability to then print the screen capture and resize it. Chris Thornton is very responsive and thoughtful via email tech support which is quick and thoughtful. I recommend this program to everyone I speak to who has any interest in speeding up their usage and finding a truly valuable utility.
- Louise

Initially, I didn't think I needed Clipmate - now I can't work without it.
- Rob Hamilton

I save everyone's email addresses in a new folder I created simply titled "Email Addresses." After a few days of copying to the main folder, I drag and drop any new email addresses that I've copied to this folder, right where I can find them. I title each one by the person's name, and bring them up alphabetically. In this way, I can insert these addresses while in any program, without having to search everywhere for them.
- Marshall Brown

I use the program as directed - I keep signatures and frequently used 'clips' in one folder and access them using the CTRL + SHIFT + Q for quick pasting into e-mails. This is just using the program as it was intended which is a great feature. For example, I store the symbol for the British Pound in that folder and can quickly access it when needed.
- Dave Horne

I frequently use ClipMate when I forward Email Information. I use ClipMate to remove all those carot marks at the beginning of each line in a forwarded Email Letter. The cleaned up email is much easier to read and has a much nicer appearance. I have also heard from my email reciepants that they appreciate this courtesy a lot.
- Ted Davidson

one of the most useful programs I have; ideal for managing frequently used information and for making sure you don't lose track of snippets you're collecting
- Mary Branscombe

I've used Clipmate for years. Powerpaste is excellent for editing when you need to copy multiple pieces of text between documents. Clipmate also works great for making screenshots. One incredible program that's inexpensive and works.
- Robin Chard

We discovered Clipmate years ago and have been using it steadily ever since. We would never be without it. It is our favorite Windows application.
- Anita Hales

I use ClipMate when filling client orders via e-mail. A special collection contains both Subject and Body text which I QuickPaste into each message. It saves a lot of time!
- Paul Havemann

ClipMate is fantastic and I will be purchasing it well before the 30 days have expired - whilst I dont normally recommend software I have today emailed 20 of my regular contacts recommending they download this invaluable program.
- Gerry R blackburn

As a programmer, I do not know how I ever worked without Clipmate. I use it to paste multiple comments into several different support systems, I use Powerpaste to fill in test data when I am testing my code that I used to have to type over and over again and again, and when I get errors, I use the print function that prints out bitmaps of my error messages. I love Clipmate. It "SAVES" me time and it has been a welcome companion of mine for years.
- Bob Humphries

ClipMate is a necessity for Customer Support e-mail. I simply could not do my job without it. We answer mail from millions of listeners to radio stations around the US; each with simular issues, but unique circumstances. Clipmate allows us to have customized canned answers for each issue and its storage limitations are such that we can make each answer to our listener personalized. They never feel as if they are getting a "Canned Answer".
- Yevette Lee

I started working with Clipmate 3 around 12 years ago, since then it has always been the first MUST on every new computer or Windows version through the years.
- Gert Heimbold

ClipMate is a kind of software that I use all the time. It's useful when updating my web site, programming my softwares, writing emails, editing pictures, even organizing documents, texts and passwords (it works as my personal organizer). The support is always great. ClipMate worth the price!
- Carlos

I've used ClipMate for several years but the best thing you've done is add the Automatic Text Cleanup feature. I am always getting email that has been forwarded from multiple mailers. I hate to pass on things like this without cleaning them up and so I've spent many hours over the years doing just that. ClipMate Automatic Text Cleanup does a better job in seconds. Thanks for this great feature, and an excellent product.
- Dennis E. Coburn

ClipMate should be a standard Windows feature... hats off to Microsoft for letting this one slip by, it just means I can marvel at the genius of other developers and find gems like ClipMate out there, waiting to be uncovered...
- Jonathan

I must say that if you only get one utility for Windows this is the one to get. The program will pay for itself many many times over. Being an engineer I have to manipulate text frequently and I have found ClipMate to be better than most of the standard editors out there. Plus it remembers your clips that you access again and again.
- Erik Kurek

I've found it great for capturing my check images. The banks aren't going to send checks back any more with your statements, but that started earlier for us with one account we opened. When I found out I could only see the on-line images for 90 days, I started capturing them with ClipMate. Now I have a folder of those images & I don't need to request them from the bank. They don't take up the space that paper would; I can keep them in ClipMate or export them; I can back them up to CD for safety; I can name them with the number, amount, payee, & reason. A great storage device. Thanks again and again.
- Sarah Danks

ClipMate should be installed on EVERY Computer made and sold, all around the world. People who have not used ClipMate, do not know what they are missing. It definitely is the extreme Best Program for capturing whatever anyone wants and needs to share with others, or in their work of creating Manuals for others to use. Any profession that exists today, could benefit greatlty by having this program on any computer that is used to enhance their business.
- Bobby Brown

I have had Clipmate for many years. And use it constantly everyday.This is the most used program that I use. Thanks Chris for a fine program. How can anyone do without it????
- Richard DeAnda

I've used Clipmate for many years. It saves my butt all the time, couldn't live without it. My company doesn't pay for it, I do; It's worth it. Everything I copy is saved and organized until I get rid of it. THE MOST VALUABLE SOFTWARE I HAVE!!!
- Terri Sibley

- Edward Amaya

When I reformat my computer the FIRST application I install is clipmate. It is an essential tool whether your reinstalling software, watching auctions, working with office apps. You name it, if you give this application a try, you'll be convinced and find yourself depending on it more and more. To follow a great application comes the exceptional support with any questions/problems you may encounter. Can't say enough good things about Clipmate!
- Gordon Barton

I, like many others here, have used ClipMate for years - and love it. I tried other clipboard-type utilities, but none of them came close to ClipMate. The PowerPaste function is the one I use most, but what helps me even more is the ability to store a collection of text strings, each in the appropriate folder, that I either can't remember, such as a Microsoft Access color code, or are too long to conveniently type in. I use a lot of handy utilities, but ClipMate is at the top of my list. - Pete Little, President, MPACT Learning Center
- Pete Little

I'm a software developer and a musician too, I discovered this program few years ago, since version 3.XX and found it immediatly very useful so I brought it and now I use it daily, and often it saves my butt. Great piece of software! (sorry for the poor english, but I'm from Italy)
- Paride Fioretti

I just love this program. My Doctor suggested it saying, "I go onto a strange computer without Clipmate and feel like my arm has been cut off!" That was good enough for me. Best prescription I've taken in a long time........
- Irwin Nichols

I've been using the screen graphic clipping ability now to measure screen widths of various browser displays. I have two monitors so that I can put menu bars of graphics programs out of the way of the main graphic display screen. This works great to make comparisons of various pages. I can put a clip of prices I paid for investments on one monitor and current prices on the main monitor and readily see what's working and what's not!
- Don Hershberger

I use this tool mainly for my recipe collection I have saved over 15,000 recipes and have used this tool over and over again to clean to what I want mine to look like and also to export large batches of like recipes into has saved me many hours. I was given the heads up on this excellent tool by another user who owns many groups, many of which are recipe clubs. I have purchased both the 6 and 7 versions now and I can't imagine now having it. I have even used it to take pictures of deceased relatives off another website which I just recently found out existed. The process was painless and perfect. Thank you Chris Thornton and all the Clipmate developers.
- Mrs. Kathy Henry

I was introduced to Clipmate in March of 1999. I bought it immediately after the 30 day trial. I thought then that it was the most useful and versatile piece of software I had on my machine. I've been 'selling' it ever since and never have I received anything but positive feedback on this 'utility'. I bought a new laptop and began installing software but found I was getting more and more tense .. then the lightbulb came on and I realized I hadn't installed Clipmate. It's not a flashy piece of software, it just quietly runs in the background doing what I ask/need it to do. It truly is indespensible. I've been unable to work for about a year and I didn't think that I'd be using this software as much as I did when I was working but I use it more - I have to minimize my time on the computer to about 2 hours per day. So, when I'm surfing on a topic, I can just copy what I want, Clipmate handles it. I can get a lot more done when I don't have to stop and do the paste part of the exercise. I use it as a kind of diary of what I did when because I don't delete until I want to. Clipmate has saved me so many times when the only place I could find the info I was searching for was in Clipmate or one of its archives. And, let us not foget filling out forms - what a lifesaver - the info I need is in one little place and I don't have to bounce back and forth from form top to bottom to get info already entered. I love Clipmate - I recommend it as a foundation pice of software for any system. It should be eom - have you talked to Dell? Thank you so much for making my life easier for these last 7 years and for many in the future.
- Pamela Scoggins

I've been using ClipMate for several years, and really can't be without it. Sure wish you had an Apple version too.
- ken schuster

Pay for version 7 upgrade? YOU BET! I've been in love with ClipMate since I first downloaded v 5.3. I've even nominated it for the software of the year award. It's so easy and convenient to use. ClipMate is a MUST on my computer. I recommend it for anyone using a computer. Kathy Henderson - Marketing Consultant, Freelance Writer & Editor.
- Kathy Henderson

I work with GIS software to create maps. I have to label a number of different items such as street names, parks, buildings and so on. With Clipmate I have all these item labels in collections that are always a click away. No retyping and no misspellings. I have used this product since it first showed up as shareware. The best dollars you will ever spend on software.
- L. Jenno

I can't imagine having a computer without ClipMate. I use it to store about 15 collections of clips. It is so useful to be able to name the clips so they can be found easily. ClipMate is helpful especially for the work I do for several volunteer societies. And as for cleaning up those messy emails full of >>> and ||| ! And that's only the beginning. I could enthuse all day ... PS And Chris is so helpful and prompt if you have a query ...
- Margaret Greer

I have been using Clipmate ever since version 2.00 - which is probably well over 10 years now since that was back in the Windows 3.1 days! I can't live without it and in the course of my business I have recommended the program to many of my clients. Keep up the good work!
- Doug Towes

I am a webmaster, write articles, use copy and paste function serveral times to create sites.... This really saves me time and make my work a lot easier. It is one of the indispensable tools I work with. Very reasonable price. Thanks a lot!
- Karl Smith

I found the best program when I could not even imagine such time saver existed before. I use the copy and paste function most of the time to work with Excel and business leads. Your software makes things easier, fun and saves time. Thank You!
- Karl Smith

Because my stroke removed my touch-typing ability, it has helped me even more as I save, write, clip, and file with many fewer keystrokes.
- Pastor Mike (Willard E Michael

I downloaded Clipmate today, and after a few minutes of trial, I bought a copy. This is phenomenal software, and if it was possible to fall in love with it, I guess I have! Thanks!
- Ron Wilson

Without any shadow of a doubt the most useful AND user friendly utility I've ever come across (Qurb follows due to it's simplistic but effective performance). It has so much funcionality, and when things go wrong, I get a response from Chris Thornton. Now if you've ever had a problem with Windows, did you get a response from anyone, let alone Bill gates?
- Alain C. Fenn

I have been using ClipMate for several years to help me paste information into our TrueType language fonts before we finish the fonts and ship them. After the glyphs are drawn I need to enter the font names, copyright information, the Software License, dates and version numbers, etc., into different tables in the fonts using a Properties Editor. Years ago I set up this information in a ClipMate Collection, and have been clicking on each clip one at a time, clicking in the appropriate field in the editor, and pasting. Today I took time to read the part of the manual dealing with Power Paste. In less than one minute I learned how ClipMate will walk through the Collection in order, allowing me to simply move my cursor from field to field in the Properties Editor, pasting as I go. I no longer need to click on a ClipMate clip and then click back in my Properties Editor. I just click on the Power Paste icon, then tab my way through the fields in the Properties Editor, pasting as I go. I am astounded at how this has helped me get my work done today. I am changing a set of more than 100 fonts today, and ClipMate has saved me much time, and more than 1000 clicks of the mouse button (just today). This is going to save wear and tear on my sore right wrist, and get my work done more quickly. Thanks very much for an indispensable tool. I am finally going to read the manual, to see how else ClipMate can help me.
- Gene Sorensen

I was introduced to Clipmate some 7 years ago. I bought it immediately after the 30 day trial. I thought then and I think now that it was and is the most useful and versatile piece of software that I have on my computer. Clipmate has become one of 3 or 4 programs that I use constantly and cannot exist without it. ClipMate is a kind of software that I use all the time, when updating, writing emails, editing pictures, documents, etc. ClipMate is eminently worth the price! I try all the time to "sell" Clipmate to my friends. Thanks for a great piece of software !!! Zeev Schor
- Zeev Schor

I tell my friends -- Buy Clipmate! It is the One program that is the most helpful to me.
- Bill Gammill

I have been a loyal Clipmate user ever since windows 3.1. There have been many imitators but only clipmate has consistently continues to impress me with each new version. The best thing about clipmate is its support policies, I purchased many programs over the internet in the last few years but not has supported there product as superbly as thornsoft. I had a problem with re-installing the program on my new computer which was running Windows Vista I had contacted thornsoft via email and the president of the company had called me back and helped me thru my problem, now if that's not customer service nothing is.
- Robert Massie

While working in San Francisco at a .com company, I haire a fellow from Australia. Within 2 days he was showing me his Clipmate 5. I ordered it immediately. Later I even hired the folks at Clipmate to work on some programming issues I was having which were resolved by embedding Clipmate right into the program. What a sweet solution. The engineers call it "elegant".
- Kim Hildden