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AOL Spyware flags keylogger trojan (or other virus-related issues)

The AOL AntiSpyware, and possibly the Aluria AntiSpyware, may complain that ClipMate contains something called: "AdvancedKeylogger".  (or some other anti-malware may have a similar complaint)

It doesn't. It's a false-positive, caused by improper "profiling".  ClipMate is protected with a program called Armadillo, by SiliconToolworks.  Lots of programs are - hundreds.  They are all being flagged as "AdvancedKeylogger" because of a particular registry key that Armadillo writes. 

You can ignore this error, or better yet, get a better spyware scanner that actually does some investigation, rather than jumping to conclusions based on one attribute.  Let's hope these people don't get jobs working for Airline Security, or nobody would be allowed onto airplanes!


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