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Will uninstalling remove my data or registration?

Uninstalling ClipMate will not remove your registration, nor will it remove the database files. This is to protect you, and allow you to uninstall to clear up settings issues or fix problems.

If you would like to remove the data,  you need to first find the location of the database. There are several ways to find it:

  1. If ClipMate is running, go to Tools | Options | Databases, and edit the database properties.
  2. See the Tools | Options | Path screen, and find the database path in the list at the bottom.
  3. Help | About, and click the orange "clipboard" button. That'll copy several diagnostic items to the clipboard, including the database path.
  4. Use the registry (regedit.exe):  HKCU\Software\Thornsoft\ClipMate7\Databases\My Clips\Directory

It is usually located in your "application data" directory, which is determined by the registry, logon type, and network configuration. And it's usually hidden. That's why we can't just tell you where to find it - it's usually different, depending on your setup.


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