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psapi dll problem with Internet Explorer 7 (psapi.dll)

When upgrading to Internet Explorer 7, you may receive an error such as:
"The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.dll"

ClipMate has its own copy of psapi.dll for use on older versions of windows.  psapi helps ClipMate recognize the program that created a clip.

It's only needed on Windows95/98/ME and NT4. It should not be needed, or installed, on 2000, XP or Vista.  However, if you installed ClipMate on an older version of windows and then upgraded, it may still the there. It can also be installed by the ClipMate 6 installer (which isn't as smart as the 7.x one).

In any event, it's not needed on Windows2000, XP, or Vista.  And it's causing trouble when Internet Explorer 7.0 has been installed. 


If you receive this error after upgrading to Internet Explorer 7, just remove psapi.dll from c:\program files\clipmate6 or c:\program files\clipmate7.  If it says it can't be removed, then ClipMate is still running. Close it from the "processes" tab of the task manager (ctrl+alt+del gets you to the task manager), and try again.

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