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What are these .DAT, BLB files?

ClipMate uses a relational database engine called DBISAM from

It stores data in a series of files with extensions: .DAT, .BLB, and .IDX.  If you see files with an extension ending with the letter K, then those are "backup files", and can be deleted.  They occur during database repair/compress operations.

In order to have a valid ClipMate 6/7 database, you need all 24 files. 

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Comment of Rochelle:
I've moved CM to a new computer, and copied my data over. The data folder in the old computer is named MyDDoc, and the new one is MyGateDoc, but In Tools>Options> Database, it refuses to let me change the folder name. I have browsed to the new folder to show where it is, but it keeps changing back to the old location. The other thing is I copied the data from the first computer, but part of it is missing. Can you help?
Added at: 2019-03-17 04:47