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I can't the the Thesaurus to work

Adding the thesaurus is pretty much the same as adding a regular spelling dictionary (except that the file is always named ROGET.ADT).

But you need to download the file, as it isn't included in the regular download.

A couple of notes:

  • The only existing thesaurus files are for English USA and UK.  If you download the UK version, you will need to rename it from roget_uk.adt to roget.adt (same as the American English) to get it to work. 
  • Since it weighs in at 800k, the thesaurus is not included in the regular download file, and is offered as a separate download.
  • Download, unzip, and place into the program directory (probably c:\program files\clipmate7).  Then re-start ClipMate.
  • To operate, highlight any word in the edtior, right-click, and the Thesaurus is on the menu. 
  • After installing the "roget.adt" file, re-start ClipMate for it to take effect.

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