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WordPerfect Won't Copy to Clipboard in XP

A ClipMate user recently had trouble with capturing from WordPerfect 10.  It would just copy every clip as "other", meaning that the private WordPefect formats were retained, but the common ones like TEXT were missing.  We tried everything, and determined that WordPerfect wasn't interacting properly with the Windows clipboard. It wouldn't send plain text.  So if he copied from WordPerfect, and pasted into Notepad, then he'd get nothing.  It had nothing to do with ClipMate really.

$40 later, we know this:


In a $40 tech support call to Corel, they admitted that WP2002 could not access the Windows clipboard in XP unless XP Service Pack 1 and WordPerfect Hot Patch 4 had been downloaded and installed.  Doing both those updates solved the problem.  [I had installed HP4 but had not yet installed SP1]


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