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WordPerfect - Help!

We've found that the "WordPerfect 7.0 Data" or "Wordperfect Data" format will retain the font/table/alignment characteristics, and won't cause problems during copying, as WordPerfect Text and Rich Text Format sometimes can.  See the Application Profile in ClipMate.  If you have Rich Text Format enabled, try turning it off.

Some users have reported an error saying something about conversion/filter DLL not present when pasting into WP8. This seems to be when you copy from an app that supports Rich Text Format, such as Wordpad, Outlook, IE4, etc.. If you close ClipMate, and experiment, you'll see that it's not ClipMate's fault - it's an incomplete install of WP8. We recommend that you re-install WP8, and make sure you include the format converter for Rich Text Format.



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