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Pasting MS Word data into SalesForce CRM - formatting problems.

A user asked:

"When I paste data into SalesForce, the formatting looks wrong. "

We determined that he was copying from Microsoft Word, and that Word was producing the data as Text, Rich Text, and HTML.  We did some experiments by adjusting the properties of a test clip, so that it would only paste as a given format. The results:

TEXT - looked ok
Rich Text - looked great
HTML - looked like garbage, with bad margins, etc..
Conclusion:  SalesForce doesn't like HTML from Word. The user adjusted his Application Profile (See Config | App Profile or Tools | Application Profile) for WinWord, to omit the HTML data. 

This is a case where the "outbound clip filtering" in ClipMate 6.5 would have been helpful, to allow the user to paste everything as plain text.

Update:  With ClipMate 7, use the Outbound Clip Filtering to clean up the formatting, Either turn it on in "active" mode, or press Win+W as needed, prior to pasting.

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