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Both Office2000 and OfficeXP have multi-clipboards of their own, although are limited, in comparison to ClipMate (for example, they are limited in size and don't remember data from one session to the next.)  Additionally, they can interfere with certain ClipMate operations, such as PowerPaste.  We advise that you turn your Office clipboard off, when using ClipMate.  Below are instructions for each version of Office.

Hiding The Office2000 Clipboard:

We advise ClipMate users to turn off the Office2000 clipboard.  Here is the information from Microsoft on how to do so:

"As you copy items, the Office Clipboard automatically appears on your desktop. You can close it if you do not want it to appear automatically. After closing the toolbar three times, you are prompted to permanently close it. If you permanently close the clipboard, to redisplay it, on the View menu, click Toolbars and then click Clipboard."

This information is from the Microsoft Support Knowledge Base, Article: Q221190 : Using the Office 2000 Clipboard
There is yet another way, if you want to edit the registry.  The information is in a related Knowledge Base article: Q207438 OFF2000: Preventing the Office Clipboard Toolbar from Appearing

UPDATE 12/26/2000:  Here are two registry scripts that will turn off, or on, the Office2000 clipboard by adjusting the value that is mentioned in the above MS Knowledge Base article: 
Turning it off: office2000clipboardoff.reg
And back on again:office2000clipboardon.reg
Just click on either of the above links above, download and run the file to update the registry. You'll be prompted with an "are you sure" dialog, and then the registry is updated.  If you want to see what they're doing first, just download to your hard disk and open with a text editor such as Notepad.

Note: This registry patch won't work in Office XP

Hiding The OfficeXP Clipboard:

OfficeXP has a clipboard that will interfere with certain ClipMate operations like PowrePaste.  Disabling it is easy.  Start WinWord, and you'll see the "task pane" at the side of the screen.  Within the task pane, you'll see the clipboard appear if you copy two items in a row.  Now you can turn it off for good.  Select the "Options" menu, and turn off the "Show Automatically" and "Collect without showing" options.  There is a screenshot to show this.  When you re-start WinWord, the clipboard won't re-appear.  If you need to bring it back, you can do so via the menu at the top of the "task pane".

Alternately, if you see the OfficeXP clipboard icon showing in the Windows System Tray (next to the clock), you can right-click on it and select "stop collecting".

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