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My clips are sorted alphabetically - help!

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All of a sudden, my clips are all sorted alphabetically!  What did I do?

Not to worry!  ClipMate can sort clips by several ways. The default sorting is by something called the "SortKey", which is just an ever-increasing numeric value (the clip ID * 100).  Usually, you will be sorting by the SortKey, or the Clip ID, or Data/Time. These all put it in "newest to oldest" or "oldest to newest" order.  You can, however sort alphabetically, by size, or type of data. 

Each column in the ClipList is sortable.  When you're using ClipMate Classic, you may not even realize that there are multiple columns, but scroll to the right, and you'll see them: title, sortkey, Date/Time, etc..  You'll see that one column has a little triangle at the top - this tells you which column is being sorted. Click on any column to sort the entire cliplist on that column. Click again, to "invert" the sort order.  Each collection remembers its sort column, so you can have your InBox sorted one way (recommend: SortKey) and your SAFE sorted alphabetically, if you want. 

See this screenshot to see the various columns, and the sort arrow indicator. It shows that the "SortKey" column is the one that ClipMate sorts on.

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