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I have found that two of my computers (both running Windows 7) tend to print repeated screenshots. I sometimes will be doing computer work, (and not hitting the PrtScrn key) and suddenly I will hear a "POP" then the printer will print a screen shot from the last graphic or screen shot that I made sometime days before. I have occurances of the printer suddenly going nuts, and printing 8 copies of the same screen shot. I have found that the only thing I can do is turn off the "Automatically print scree shots", but then I have to manually print the graphic if I need it. Please advise.

Something on your system is causing a clipboard update.  ClipMate reacts, capturing whatever is on the clipboard.  If you have it set to print new bitmaps, it'll print.

Since many well-known applications update the clipboard in seemingly random ways (but there's usually a pattern when you investigate, such as starting/stopping the app, highlighting/un-highligting data, etc..) its not a good idea to leave a graphic as the top clip when you've enabled the auto-print feature for new graphic arrivals.  ClipMate can NOT tell a new graphic from an old one, that would take too much time to process.

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