Generic USB Drives

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Bare Drive?

You can run ClipMate Portable with other launchers, or run "bare", by using the PortableApps installer. It just won't have a menu entry, but you can run by double-clicking on a launcher.

Or, you can go ahead and get the PortableApps launcher. It's free, and we like it. You can even download their bundle of free, open source apps like FireFox and Sodoku.  See

If you still want to run from a "bare" drive, read on....


Establish a directory where  you typically run portable programs. If you don't already have such a directory, make one called \PortableApps.  We'll refer to this as the "PortableApps" directory, regardless of whether it's called that or not.


Download the ClipMate PortableApps installer, in "PAF" format.
ex: ClipMatePortable_7200_1421.paf.exe

Run the installer and instruct it to install into the "PortableApps" directory on the removable drive.
ex: M:\PortableApps
It will make its own directory, beneath wherever it is installed to.  ex: M:\PortableApps\ClipMatePortable


Run the program by double-clicking on the ClipMatePortable.Exe "launcher"  (NOT ClipMate.EXE), or by running a shortcut in a portable menu program not discussed in this document.

ClipMate will run, believing it is in "PortableApps" mode. It will use the same file structure as is discussed in the PortableApps topic.

It will copy/paste just as if it were resident on the system, but the data will be stored on the USB drive.  Remember to close ClipMate before ejecting the drive, and use the USB "safe eject" procedure.  Unsafe drive removal can cause data loss, so be sure to occasionally back up the database onto your hard drive.

To minimize disk wear on the portable drive, and ensure quick shutdown during the "safe eject" process, ClipMate does not run any automatic clip purging.  You will need to manually run this when needed, using File | Database Maintenance | Run Cleanup Now.

Licensing and License Migration

See this topic.

Data Migration

See the PortableApps topic


See the PortableApps topic