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Options and Configuration > Options Dialog > Visual

Show Item Type Icons?

Show or hide the little indicator icons to the left of the clip titles in the ClipList.  See: Item Type Icons

Use Fancy Menus And Buttons

ClipMate normally shows icons in its menus and some of its buttons.  If you prefer not to see them, or are visually impaired and are using a screen reader, you should turn this option off.

Magnetic Borders?

When positioning the window near the screen edges, this causes it to "snap" to the edge when you are within 16 pixels.  This makes it easy to align to the edge or corner of the screen, and is sometimes known as "WinAmp" style.


ClipMate 7 features "skins" which give it a different look, and also add functionality by adding another button to the title bar for controlling "stay on top" toggling behavior.  If you use another skinning program like WindowBlinds, you should not use skins within ClipMate, or else disable the ClipMate skinning within WindowBlinds.

ClipMate uses skins created for the popular "VCLSkin" library, but they need to be customized for use with ClipMate. So check our site for new skins.

If skins aren't available, then you may have opted not to install them. Just re-install the program, and select the "full install".

There is an option to skin the titlebar/menu. Turn off if you have another program that adds buttons or other items to the toolbar.

Skins with names starting with "3_" are "3-button" skins, and don't have the extra 4th button.

Show Hints (Tooltips)?

Show or hide the tooltip hints that appear as you hover your mouse over various controls.  You can also determine how long they stay visible.

Show Clip Hint?

Shows the first 1024 bytes of the clip when you hover over the "current clip" box in ClipMate Classic or the ClipBar.

System Tray Icon Visibility

When using the ClipBar, the system tray icon becomes redundant. So the default is to only show the systray icon when the ClipBar isn't active.  But if you want to, you can choose to show the system tray icon all the time.

System Tray Hint

The title of the system tray can contain either the title of the current clip, or the current collection.  So you can hover your mouse over the system tray icon, and see what's on ClipMate.